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TRE Testimonial

TRE, and Becky, have changed my life. Before I started TRE I suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks. TRE has greatly reduced both. TRE allows you to develop an awareness and understanding of your body, and release built up tension. It enables you to get to know your trigger points of rising stress levels before they peak, and has many other benefits including improved sleep.

TRE involves simple exercises followed by tension release, through controlled shaking. Also learning and using grounding techniques allows you to reduce your stress levels.

Becky is a fantastic tutor, so understanding and helpful. She guides you through TRE supporting you all the way. Her Shala is a calm comforting environment to learn these techniques. From the moment you walk through the door you enter a relaxing and welcoming environment.

I have now incorporated TRE into my daily routine, resulting in a better quality of life.

Whether you suffer from anxiety or just the daily strains and stresses of life, TRE will certainly lead to a more effective and calmer life.

I believe everyone should try, and incorporate TRE into their lives as it has so many benefits.

Rachel, Leeds 2019

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