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TRE Testimonial

I hadn't heard of TRE before I started classes with Becky, but when she'd briefly explained the principles I was intrigued to learn more about the technique and the benefits it could bring. I wouldn’t say I have a particularly stressful lifestyle, but in recent years I'd noticed bouts of anxiety and indecision creeping in, and a general negativity – always thinking of the 'what-if's'. I'd been practising yoga with Becky for nearly a year and had utter confidence in her abilities as a practitioner, so couldn't wait to get started!

Throughout the practise Becky thoroughly explained every element in a very calm and reassuring manner – I immediately felt at ease and felt noticeably more relaxed than when I'd first entered the room. Becky continually checked in on me as we went throughout the stages; the initial grounding and activation techniques, the tremoring itself – ensuring I was comfortable at all times, but also that I was aware of any physical and mental changes during the practise. This gave me the confidence to listen to my body and know when was the right time for me to practise.

I noticed the benefits of the TRE sessions immediately. I would leave class with a clearer mind and a greater sense of being in the moment, which in turn made me more patient – not always rushing to think about what needed to be done next. My sleep, which could be quite disturbed, was solid and I'd wake up feeling genuinely refreshed. I also had an increased sense of clarity and was able to make confident decisions on matters I'd been putting off for weeks.

For me, TRE has been an incredibly positive and beneficial experience and Becky an extremely supportive and contentious teacher. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them both!


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