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TRE Testimonial

TRE was completely new to me before Becky briefly explained what it was during a yoga session. I had been looking for something to support me in dealing with the after-effects of suffering from a serious health scare, and the day-to-day challenges of life generally, and TRE (though a bit unusual) seemed to make perfect sense and seemed a brilliant fit.

I was excited to get started and see where TRE would take me. It has been a wonderful journey with Becky who is an extremely caring, empathetic and responsive practitioner.

During every one-to-one and group session, Becky carefully explains every element in an extremely personalised and reassuring way. Her practice is based on research which also offers an added level of support.

From the moment I turn up at a session, Becky ensures that the environment is relaxing and welcoming, allowing all the benefits of TRE to be experienced and integrated. All students are continually checked in on during grounding, activation and tremouring. This makes me both comfortable and aware of what is happening to me physically and mentally during practice.

I have now been practising TRE for 18 months and the benefits are incredible. I feel calmer, more present, more able to deal rationally with life's challenges and what the future might hold. I feel clearer thinking when I make decisions. I leave every class feeling like I've just had a big hug and ready to face the World. What's not to love about that?

Kate 2020

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