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My TRE Journey so far, WOW!

I started my TRE® journey in October 2016 in Chaing Mai, Thailand. I considered myself to be a rather grounded person until I started TREĀ® and realised quickly I had tricked myself into believing this to be the case!

I had been much more activated in my sympathetic nervous system than I realised, I didn't know how to self-regulate, wasn't grounded at all, and had a light bulb moment that I had been living in this place for a LONG time... what a moment that was!

I wanted to feel what it was like to be grounded and to slow down as I knew my body and my mind would be eternally grateful for that.

And it has and continues to be. WIN!

My TRE® Provider Lori Ann has been there every step of the way to help reassure and guide me through my learning, my personal tremoring and eventually to doing 1-1 and small group sessions. I qualified as a TRE® Provider in June 2018 and Lori Ann has continued to be my TRE® Mentor ever since. Lucky me!

After 12 years in Asia, I moved back to the UK in 2017. I am now based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and am available for 1-1 sessions, small groups or even on-line TRE!

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